What is



Carro enables DTC brands to build mutually beneficial partnerships with other brands, influencers, and the press/media to sell more together.



Carro enables DTC brands to build mutually beneficial partnerships with other brands, influencers, and the press/media to sell more together.


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What is



Carro enables DTC brands to build mutually beneficial partnerships with other brands, influencers, and the press/media to sell more together.

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Do you run an ecommerce store but feel constrained by your current offerings? Do you wish you could expand your product line without taking on the burden of such an undertaking?

Similarly, are you a seller struggling to get your products in front of the right people, knowing that if only they were presented to a larger audience, sales would go through the roof?  

Carro is a tool that allows you to sell products from other brands right in your storefront, as well as have your products listed in the stores of others. This review walks through the innovative solution that Carro provides, and all the ways it can be utilized to expand your business.

What is Carro? 🚀

Carro is a Shopify app that facilitates brand partnerships. It is a cross store sales channel that makes it possible to connect with other top businesses.

By tapping into the Carro network, you are able to offer complementary products from other stores to your existing customers. If you are a supplier, you can also use the platform to reach different groups of buyers and showcase your products across many different marketplaces.

Let’s dive deeper into the details of this service.

How does Carro work? 🤔

Your experience with Carro will be slightly different depending on if you are using it as a retailer or a supplier.

If you are a store owner and retailer, the goal is simple: partner with other brands that are already manufacturing what you want to sell, so as to generate more revenue on your website.

In Carro, there is a directory of brands and products you can choose from and request to do business with. 

By establishing partnerships in this way, you are able to expand your catalog without the hassle of having to develop new products or store additional inventory in your warehouse.

Think about the numerous headaches this alleviates. For one, it allows you to add merchandise to your store without any upfront investment. Additionally, it enables you to increase the average order value (not to mention boost customer satisfaction) from shoppers who are already primed to buy.

For instance, let’s say you run a store that sells coffee mugs. By using Carro to partner with a brand that specializes in coffee beans, you would be able to make their products available for purchase directly on your store.

Were a customer to then add a bag of coffee beans sold by your chosen partner to their cart, and subsequently make a purchase, order information would be routed to the supplier. The supplier would then fulfill that aspect of the order from their Shopify dashboard, and revenue would be split based upon the predetermined agreement.

Essentially, a win-win for all parties involved.

As a seller, joining the Carro network and having your products listed on partner stores means putting yourself in a position to dramatically increase brand exposure. 

You are able to gain more impressions and get more eyes on your products without having to pay for clicks.

In sum, free advertising.

The Carro platform also offers a unique value proposition for influencers looking to enhance their affiliate marketing efforts. Let’s say you have a large following on Twitter or Instagram that you are looking to monetize, but don’t want to produce merchandise of your own. By creating a Shopify store, and partnering with brands through Carro, you are able to curate products for your fans that are tailor made to fit their interests.

This is a clever way to take your influencer marketing to the next level, no matter if you are an established industry leader or a new influencer wanting to expand your online footprint.

Carro Key Features 🧰

Virtual Inventory

Carro leverages the inventory of suppliers you are partnering with so that as a retailer, you never have to touch or store physical units. This greatly minimizes the risk associated with managing inventory of your own.   


Once you install the platform, you are able to peruse an index of direct-to-consumer brands offering to partner and sell their products in stores like yours. This puts a network of popular and fast-growing companies at your fingertips.

Storefront Customization

As a retailer that is listing partner products, you are able to customize how the images and copy appear in your store. This allows you to personalize and integrate them into your site as you desire. For example, you can make recommendations directly in the product description for how the partner products you are offering might pair well with certain items in your own brand’s catalog.

Carro FAQs 🙋

What is the online order process like for the customer?

The customer has the same experience whether the product comes from a supplier or directly from the retailer. For example, the same checkout process and order confirmation takes place. All emails and shipping updates come from the retailer, as if it were their own product being sold.

What about the box and packaging? What will it show?

If a product that was purchased came from a supplier, the box and packing slip sent to the customer will have the supplier's information. This is because the order was fulfilled by their store and not by the retailer.

Do you need a subscription to browse the directory of brands active on Carro?

No, the brand directory is available to look at without needing a subscription.

Carro Pros ✅

  • Eases supply chain issues: If you are encountering difficulties getting units into your warehouse, partnering with other brands on Carro can bridge this gap. Listing products from other brands that do indeed have inventory in stock, and that meet your customer’s demands, makes it so that you don’t miss out on an avalanche of potential sales.
  • Scale with less friction: Developing and launching new products can take a massive amount of time, brain power, and capital. By leveraging the third-party goods available on Carro, you can lean on brands that have already walked down that difficult road and share with them in the profits.
  • No minimum order values: Sourcing goods directly from a factory often means having to place an order for a large quantity of units, before you’ve even sold a single one. Using Carro to sell products from other brands eliminates this requirement, and products are only shipped to customers when they’ve decided to actually buy.
  • Adapt to customer demand quickly: Another benefit of Carro is that there are no lead times. You can respond to trends in your niche by partnering with companies that are already selling products that would be popular with your customer base. This allows your customers to find what they are looking for without leaving your ecosystem.

Carro Cons ❌

  • Thinner margins: Selling products from other brands on your store means less profit per unit than if you were to produce and sell your own versions of the same products.
  • Potential for brand confusion: Since the packaging the shopper receives makes clear the original source of the product, this arrangement has the potential to cause customers to scratch their heads if the partnership is not made explicit. You are in many ways acting as a dropshipper for other companies.
  • Don’t own what you are selling: Listing the products of other businesses on your storefront means you are not establishing your own brand in the same way you would if you were manufacturing them yourself. You are not building a distinct product line and the intellectual property that comes along with that.
  • Carro takes a piece of the pie: Since Carro takes 5% of each sale, this is obviously less ideal than if you were working with brands directly and crafting deals on your own. However, this is a reasonable price to pay for potentially game-changing brand partnerships to be facilitated in such a seamless way.

Carro Pricing 💰

There is no monthly fee if you are a supplier looking to join the network. Rather, Carro takes a small percentage of each transaction.

Retailers have three plans to choose from: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise.

The Starter plan kicks in at $50/month after a 60 day trial, and the Growth plan at $250/month, also after a free trial. The Enterprise plan has custom pricing based on your business details and specific needs.

The Growth and Enterprise plans provide premium features like the ability to offer bundles that contain products from multiple brands.

A full breakdown of pricing tiers is below:

Final Thoughts 🕵️‍♀️

Carro opens up new avenues of sales for online retailers and suppliers alike. It streamlines the process of adding products to your storefront–or making your brand’s products available on other Shopify stores–in one simple and straightforward app.

Carro users are able to foster mutually beneficial relationships and build lasting partnerships with top-selling businesses, which can be a pivotal part of fueling sales growth.

As this Carro review has touched on, if scaling your store by manufacturing your own products is not feasible, or doesn’t make economic sense, the network that this platform offers presents a solid opportunity to cross-sell goods from other brands and increase your bottom line.

The right influencers also have a lot to like here. Whether the app is used to market items to a built-in audience, or connect with companies looking to find influencers to promote new product releases, Carro supports the evolution of personal brands, not just commercial ones.

The fact that Carro can sync up to the existing infrastructure of your Shopify presence is crucial. It allows for an elevated customer experience without disrupting business operations behind the scenes, and makes it so that most users looking to sweeten their ecommerce catalog will find themselves well served by this software.

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