A Fit Guide Format Your Customers Will Actually Trust

Ten Thousand built a comprehensive fit guide. It's awesome.

There's nothing worse than receiving returns for items that didn't fit the customer right. And while there are fit guide and sizing recommendation tools to help guide your customers towards the right size, sometimes, they just aren't completely accurate and it's hard for customers to trust.

Ten Thousand, a DTC men's training gear brand, decided to take the fit guide into their own hands. Not only did they build their sizing table, they found models of several different body types (height, weight, waist) and took photos of them wearing each size of clothing and embedded the photos into the sizing table. This way, a customer can see exactly how a certain size will fit their particular body type.

This delivers a much more trustworthy fit guide experience for the customer and gives them much more clarity on the best size for their body.

How to do it yourself

There are no Shopify apps that will allow you to achieve this format out-of-the-box, so it'll require some custom development work. The scope of work is fairly simple in nature so any skilled developer should be able to build something similar pretty easily.

You will also need to find models of each body type to fit each size to.

To make this more scalable (assuming all products within each category fit relatively the same), you can photoshop the clothing into standardized blanks so that you can use the same fit guide and photos across all relevant products.

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