Increase Profit and Decrease Customer Success Costs with Order Protection

Relieve your customer service team and increase profits by offering order protection at checkout.

It’s almost guaranteed that an ecommerce business owner has had a customer complain that their order never arrived and thus, has had to eat the cost to send a new order out. It’s painful because once the order is out of your hands, it’s entirely out of your control and now up to the post office to provide an exceptional experience that your customers deserve. And when mishaps occur, it comes right out of your bottom line. 

But what if there’s a way to flip this on hit’s head? Read on to learn how.

Offering Order Protection (shipping insurance) as a line item “upsell” at checkout can give customers peace of mind (especially with COVID-related shipping complications) while increasing your bottom line (decreased customer success costs, increased revenue).

What is Order Protection?

Order Protection is a way for customers to pay an extra (typically no more than a dollar) to insure their orders in the event they’re lost, stolen, or damaged. 

How to Offer Order Protection?

You can offer Order Protection on your Shopify site by leveraging an app like Route or you can even offer it yourself like Jonathan Snow of Snow Agency.

DIY Order Protection (on Shopify Plus)

If you were to offer Order Protection yourself, you can create a new SKU that you offer for a fixed amount (Jonathan offers it for $2.99) and leverage ReBuy to offer your new Order Protection SKU as an upsell item at checkout.

7 days after implementing order protection, Jonathan saw 8.2% of orders opt in for order protection, 0 claims made, and $500 in extra revenue! Easy customer satisfaction, easy money.

Read the full Twitter thread here 👇

Offer Order Protection with Route

Offering Order Protection with Route is simple. Once you’ve installed the app, customers will be able to purchase the Order Protection line item. Protection is free for merchants and only costs the customers up to 2% of their total order value with a minimum value of $0.98. 

In the event an issue arises, customers can effortlessly file a claim through a link that's automatically emailed to them. From there, Route will either refund the customer or automatically repurchase the item from your store (effectively creating a second sale for the merchant).  

This process is completely self-service, there’s no need for the customer to speak to your customer service team. On average, this reduces customer service costs by 18% and increases net profits by 11.5%!

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