Convert Email Subscribers into SMS Subscribers with Product Drop Teasers

A simple yet effective way to grow your SMS list with email.

Given that email engagement is declining and SMS open rates are 98%, it’s critical to invest in growing your SMS list as it’s expected to become one of the biggest “owned” channels of the decade.

And since many brands have been growing their email list for years, they have a decent sized audience they can tap into and convert into SMS subscribers.

How to Convert Email Subscribers into SMS Subscribers

One simple and easy way to grow your SMS list is to tease new product drops to your email list and then offer subscribers VIP access and sneak peeks of the new product if they join your SMS list.

Olipop leverages Klaviyo for email and Postscript for SMS where they created a keyword specifically for the new flavor drop.

When you follow the call-to-action (CTA) and text the “JUICY” keyword to Olipop’s dedicated phone number, you’ll receive the following response:

Shortly after, the next response came in…

Additionally, Olipop created an opt-in link (landing page) in Postscript and linked it to the SMS list CTA block in the email. This provides another easy way for users to opt-in by simply entering their phone number in the form (in the event they default to clicking the CTA instead of manually texting the keyword).

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