How a Handwriting Machine Can Double Your Review Rate

Use this clever hack to get more customers to leave positive reviews.

This playbook is insane. Instead of having his team manually write 5,000 review request inserts, Michael Patrón, an 8-figure Amazon seller, bought a handwriting machine that you literally insert a pen into and program to “handwrite” letters for you. Michael tracked the data and saw his Amazon review rate double from 4% to 8%

First, Mike typed and printed the first half of the copy to save the handwriting machine time. He includes a short note stating how much a review would help them followed by a shortened and easy to remember URL that directs to the review page on Amazon.

Next, he includes text (written by the handwriting machine) that instructs the customers to call or text him if they have any problems. 

This is important because reviews are gold in the Amazon world and many Amazon customers will default to leaving a bad review immediately following a poor experience, so by offering an easy avenue to contact customer support (simply by calling or  texting), he’s able to build a first line of defense against bad reviews. Many times, the issue is easy to resolve and often leads to a positive review instead!

To further streamline operations, Mike sent the handwriting machine to his factory in China so they can produce the inserts and place them inside the product packaging, saving labor costs and reducing logistics complexity.

Lastly, on the back of the inserts, Mike will include a few facts about the company’s philosophy which will help to build a stronger connection with the customer. 

Mike uses this strategy for his Amazon store, but the same can be leveraged for your DTC Shopify site, too.

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