Increase Conversion Rate While Going Carbon Neutral (For Free)

Going carbon neutral is much easier than you think. And it increases cart conversion rate.

Increasing cart conversion rate is always top of mind for ecommerce businesses. But going carbon neutral can understandably slide lower on the list: most small businesses don’t believe they can actually make an impact, right? 

And even if they wanted to, how could they possibly become carbon neutral without having to revamp their operations, products, and packaging all the while sourcing emission reduction projects and setting up systems to support said projects? It’s a lot to take on and it’s certainly no walk in the park.

But it’s becoming increasingly important for consumers and believe it or not, it’s now a prominent driving factor in consumer purchasing decisions. In fact, 67% of consumers check if a brand is sustainable before purchasing and 92% want to support brands taking climate action, according to EcoCart.

It’s clear that offsetting your carbon footprint is important. So how can you do it in a scalable manner while increasing your cart conversion rate?

Thankfully, EcoCart has a solution: a free Shopify app that can be installed with a single click, no coding required. When Tribe Kelley put EcoCart to use on their Shopify site, they saw 1 out of 10 customers choose to make their orders carbon neutral and a 16% increase in cart conversion.

Screenshot from Tribe Kelley

Here’s how it works:

  1. Install the app from the Shopify app store
  2. Customize your logo, colors, and fonts to ensure its on-brand
  3. The EcoCart algorithm determines the exact cost of offsetting emissions from manufacturing and shipping
  4. Customers have the option to check a box to make their order carbon neutral, which usually adds 1-2% to their total cart value, or you (the brand) can choose to cover the cost to offset the order
  5. Track your impact

Here’s an example of the EcoCart plugin installed on Cuts Clothing checkout.

Screenshot from Cuts

Atoms has the plugin installed as well, and pays for offsets on behalf of their customers. 

Screenshot from Atoms

Giving your customers the option to offset their carbon footprint is a win-win!

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