Increase Response Rates on Post-Purchase Surveys

Use these simple tricks to increase response rates on post-purchase surveys.

With recent IOS changes, it’s become more and more difficult to collect data on your customers and properly assign attribution. And even then, the attribution data might not tell the full story. 

For example, let’s assume a customer originally heard about your brand through a coworker. They then search Google for your brand and are immediately presented with an ad. They click it and shortly after, they complete a purchase. You may attribute the sale to paid ads even though the customer heard about your brand through word of mouth.

That’s why platform’s like EnquireLabs, Disco, and Kno were built: to help you automatically survey customers immediately following their purchase and ask them how they heard about you. 

Example: EnquireLabs

How to Get More Responses on Post-Purchase Surveys

Kristen LaFrance, who hosts the Resilient Retail Podcast @ Shopify, recommends telling your customer why they’re doing the survey and what comes next when they submit it.

Jeremiah Prummer, Co-founder of Kno, recommends displaying surveys on the order confirmation page as soon as the customers completes their purchase and using language that states “real quick” so the customer knows it’s not a big time commitment.

Additionally, Jeremiah recommends sending longer surveys via email where they offer the customer a 1x promo code reward in exchange. They see approximately 80% completion rates with this format.

Read the full Twitter thread here 👇

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