Stay Top of Customer's Minds with non-Hero Products

Create your own billboard in your customers bedroom. They'll gladly pay for it.

Jason Wong runs Doe Lashes, an ecommerce brand that makes Korean lashes for everyday comfort. When he realized he couldn’t compete with competitor’s ad budgets to remarket to customers and increase retention, he decided to get creative by putting “ads” in his customer’s bedrooms. These “ads” would serve as Doe’s very own billboards, paid for by their customers.

The first “ad” was a silk eye mask with full Doe branding. 

The second was an LED display light. 

The third was a cheeky cloud lamp they brand as your “buddy” to hang with you at your desk while you “burn the midnight oil” - very clever!

How do these “ads” increase retention?

It’s simple - they help to facilitate a better connection between Doe and it’s customers while serving with them constant subtle reminders about the experience that Doe delivers - right in the place they spend the most time: their bedroom.

Doe found that 40% of customers that purchased a light on their first order made a subsequent order. 

And given the fun and playful aesthetic of these products, customers are likely to share pictures and videos with friends and across social media which helps to fuel the flywheel.

SIMULATE (formerly NUGGS) does a decent job of this as well by including a bright, thick, and durable “Welcome to the Simulation” insert. Given the quality, it’s hard to consciously throw away and not leave on display somewhere in the house.

The lesson? Find ways to create aesthetically pleasing “billboards” in your customers lives.

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