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Candy Rack


Candy Rack is an upsell app that allows you to upsell & cross-sell to customers on your product pages – right after they click on the Add to Cart button. Upsell offers display in the form of a slick pop-up optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Candy Rack


Candy Rack is an upsell app that allows you to upsell & cross-sell to customers on your product pages – right after they click on the Add to Cart button. Upsell offers display in the form of a slick pop-up optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Candy Rack

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What is

Candy Rack


Candy Rack is an upsell app that allows you to upsell & cross-sell to customers on your product pages – right after they click on the Add to Cart button. Upsell offers display in the form of a slick pop-up optimized for both desktop and mobile.

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Candy Rack

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Candy Rack


Candy Rack


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Candy Rack


By not giving your customers the option to add extras or upgrades when they make a purchase, do you get the sense you’re leaving money on the table? Chances are, if you’re not taking full advantage of upselling in your ecommerce store, your sales are far from what they could be.

This review of Candy Rack highlights how, with one easy-to-use tool, you might be able to effectively boost your average order value and substantially grow your business.

What is Candy Rack? 🚀

Candy Rack is a Shopify app that allows you to upsell and cross-sell products in your storefront.

Through intuitive and simple pop-ups that appear when customers add items to their cart, you are able to present shoppers with the chance to buy more.

How does Candy Rack work? 🤔

The tool integrates into your existing setup and is installed in a seamless manner. It can be used directly in your Shopify admin and works with your current themes.

Setting up a pop-up offer on your product page can be done in just a few clicks. Essentially, you select what merchandise from your catalog you would like to showcase to shoppers, and pick where to place the offer.

For instance, let’s say you operate a store that sells beach gear. With Candy Rack, you could make the suggestion that your customer buy a pair of flip flops with the swim trunks they are in the process of ordering.

This can be done using a series of pre-made templates. Depending on what you are cross-selling or upselling, and how you intend to do so, there are several options to choose from.

As previously mentioned, you can put forth existing products from your catalog as pre-purchase offers. With one click, customers are able to add complementary products to their cart or make upgrades that you have personally curated. 

You are also able to harness the machine learning capabilities of Candy Rack to automatically make recommendations based on the purchase history of your customers. This uses data and product description details to increase the likelihood of conversions.

You can furthermore create and cross-sell paid, premium services that go hand-in-hand with your product line. This is particularly useful if you are looking to provide things like an extended warranty or gift wrapping, which has incredibly high demand during the holiday season.

Candy Rack Key Features 🧰

Smart Auto-Upsell

Advanced targeting is indeed possible in Candy Rack by setting conditions around product components like title, tag, and price. But instead of spending valuable time implementing these rulesets, you can also let the AI-powered algorithm make individualized recommendations that are specific to prior buying habits, through the Smart Auto-Upsell feature.

Tailored Descriptions

Within the one-click pages that are generated from the Candy Rack templates, you can write unique product details. This allows you to elaborate on why the product add-on might be a perfect fit.

Let’s say you sell alarm clocks, and are recommending batteries as an additional item. You can explain to your customers in the description that these are required for the product to function properly, thus making it a no-brainer for them to include as a secondary purchase.

Pop-Up Customizations

You have the ability in Candy Rack to match the design and content of the pop-up windows to your storefront. This keeps you firmly in control of the aesthetics. You can also see these changes in a preview stage before deciding to go live.

Furthermore, you can use custom CSS if needed, which is essentially unique coding language that can be used to modify the page appearance and introduce new layout options.

Candy Rack FAQs 🙋

What is being presented to customers? What are they seeing?

Pre-purchase offers–such as premium upgrades and services—are shown to customers browsing product pages on your store, and upon adding items to their cart.

What if a product you want to offer through the app is out of stock?

When trying to list it and create your pop-up, the application will show an error message if there is no inventory. It will not let you save the offer or display the product. Likewise, if anything already listed in a pop-up gets sold out while the offer is active, it will no longer be shown as available.

Does the app impact site speed and load time?

Candy Rack is light by design, as there is no script added directly to your Shopify theme.

Candy Rack Pros ✅

  • Optimized for mobile: You can reach customers where they are with a user interface geared toward on-the-go shopping on mobile devices.
  • Built-in integrations: There are integration capabilities with various other applications. If you sell products in different regions this means you can utilize translation or currency conversion apps, for example.
  • Discounts: You can set discounts directly within the product upselling window. This can nudge buyers with special offers. Everyone loves a good deal, after all, no matter where it appears.
  • Vital reporting: You can run performance analytics in the dashboard and go over how your cross-selling and upselling techniques have been working out. This is great to be able to adjust and make modifications to your pop-ups on the fly.

Candy Rack Cons ❌

  • Must be used smartly: You don’t want your customers to feel like you are trying to bombard them. Be sure to only offer products that make logical sense and add some kind of value.
  • Large catalog needed: If you only sell one or two main products, this app is not for you. Without a substantial product lineup, there is no use engaging in targeted cross-selling. Your offerings will already be apparent to anyone visiting your store.
  • Limited to pre-purchase: You can’t suggest products to customers after they’ve already bought their items, such as on an order confirmation or thank you page. For this kind of post-purchase marketing you need a separate app.
  • Not immune to bugs: Like any software or piece of technology, perfection at all times is an impossibility. Luckily there is an in-app chat widget and email support team to provide backup.

Candy Rack Pricing 💰

There is a free 14-day trial that allows you to install Candy Rack from the Shopify App Store and try it risk-free.

Pricing tiers depend on your Shopify plan. The basic plan starts at $29.99/month and provides unlimited offer views.

A full breakdown of pricing is below:

Final Thoughts 🕵️‍♀️

The power of Candy Rack lies in its simplicity. It lets you offer extra services and related accessories in a way that compliments the shopping experience rather than disrupt it.

The pop-ups that are triggered feel like a natural part of what it means to browse and buy online. It is less pushy and moreso a clever way to provide guidance about what products might be worthwhile to your customers.

When used in combination with other meaningful selling strategies and intelligent positioning of your brand, Candy Rack has the potential to facilitate an increase in cart size and revenue. The ease-of-use is just the icing on the cake.

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