What is MOQ?


MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity, which refers to the smallest quantity of goods or products that a supplier or manufacturer is willing to sell to a buyer in a single order. The MOQ is typically set by the supplier or manufacturer and can vary depending on the product, the production process, and other factors.

The purpose of an MOQ is to ensure that suppliers and manufacturers can maintain production efficiency and profitability by minimizing the costs associated with producing and delivering small orders. MOQs can also help to ensure that suppliers and manufacturers can meet their production schedules and minimize the risk of inventory shortages.

MOQs are often negotiated between buyers and suppliers or manufacturers as part of the purchasing process, with the buyer seeking to secure the lowest possible MOQ while the supplier seeks to maximize profitability. The MOQ can vary widely depending on the product and the supplier, ranging from a few units to thousands of units or more.

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