What is



Revseller is an Amazon seller product and competitor research tool.



Revseller is an Amazon seller product and competitor research tool.


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What is



Revseller is an Amazon seller product and competitor research tool.

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Are you an Amazon seller who understands the value in being able to look behind the curtain and view what your competitors are doing in sales? Do you see the benefit to having hard data at your disposal when digging around to find profitable items to sell?

Revseller is a web extension that provides crucial insights into Amazon listing pages, and allows you to get a glimpse at the sales performance of other products. In this review, we’ll highlight the particulars of this tool and how it might be leaned on to give you the upper hand when acquiring new goods and scaling your online business.

What is Revseller? 🚀

Revseller is an Amazon FBA browser extension for Google Chrome that is used by online sellers to hunt for popular products. It can be utilized throughout the product research phase to identify opportunities for selling items that have a high demand and healthy profit margin. As an online arbitrage and market exploration tool, it’s an indispensable way to execute your game plan when it comes to deciding what products to source and launch next.

How does Revseller work? 🤔

Once installed and authorized, the Revseller Chrome extension can provide you with crucial information on the particular Amazon products that you’ve decided to investigate. After arriving at a listing page, you’re given valuable data in a convenient dashboard widget. This covers such statistics as sales ranking, category position, and product profitability.

These metrics offer you a granular look at the revenue potential and bottom line of actual products in the marketplace, without having to do any guesswork. It allows you to make quick, informed decisions about the direction to take your product catalog, guided by detailed analysis and tangible sales proof.

Revseller Key Features 🧰

On-Page Calculator

You are able to see an estimate of net proceeds, as well as a breakdown of expense details associated with each product. This factors in the listing price minus referral fees, pick and pack fees, cost of goods, and other costs that are part of selling on Amazon. By projecting what your potential return on investment might be should you go down the road of launching a product, you are able to analyze the particulars before having to commit.

Variation Viewer

After clicking on the green button that takes you to the Variation Viewer, the tool is able to collect prices and offer details on different product variations that are linked to a parent ASIN. It further breaks down which varieties are in stock and out of stock, and which have the most number of reviews, giving you potential indicators of popularity. This can guide your decision-making process about which sizes, colors, or other variation types to focus on first.

Sales and Ranking Data

The tool calls upon the Amazon API to provide 90-day averages for sales history and ranking data associated with products. It also shows you the number of FBA and MFN sellers jockeying for buyer attention. This can help you know which product categories are potentially too crowded or saturated, and instead lead you to a niche where you will be able to make a bigger impact.

Revseller FAQs 🙋

Can Revseller be used on multiple computers?

Yes, as long as it is linked to the same Amazon Seller Central Account.

Is Revseller accessible outside the Amazon US marketplace?

In addition to in the US, the extension is available for use on the marketplace.

Can the extension be used in other browsers besides Chrome?

Currently the Revseller extension is only available for use in the Google Chrome browser.

Revseller Pros ✅

  • Product-specific selling insights. There is a link in the tool that takes you to Amazon’s “Add a Product” page, which can tell you if you have the proper authorization to sell a particular type of item. This can save you time, energy, and capital by helping you avoid trying to launch a product that you are not allowed to list.
  • Live calculations. Within the tool, you can adjust the selling price and cost of goods to analyze your net earnings in various hypothetical scenarios. This essentially can tell you what your profitability would be accounting for different factors like increased material costs or listing at a different price point.
  • Time saver. The extension gives you X-ray vision by allowing you to see the most important topline numbers at a glance. It minimizes the scrolling and clicking typically required during a thorough surveying of the market, and instead frees you up to spend your time as your business demands.
  • Helpful customer support. There is a dedicated customer support page and email address, as well as detailed FAQ and troubleshooting guides available on the Revseller website. This helps ensure your experience using the extension is seamless, and should you run into any issues you have resources at your disposal.

Revseller Cons ❌

  • Chrome capabilities only. As previously mentioned, other browsers like Firefox or Safari are not supported.
  • Not accessible in some foreign markets. Outside of Amazon US and Canada, the extension is not currently available. This means it will not work for the marketplace.
  • Estimates should be double checked directly in Amazon. While Revseller does their best to provide precise, updated figures, given the quantity of information and limitations surrounding what Amazon makes available, errors or incomplete metrics are sometimes possible.
  • Can’t be used on phone or tablet. The extension can’t be accessed on mobile versions of Chrome. A laptop or desktop version of Google Chrome is needed to make use of it.

Revseller Pricing 💰

For annual access to Revseller, the cost of a subscription is $99.99/year. This comes with product updates and support for the tool.

There is a free 30-day trial available, which does not require a credit card to use.

Final Thoughts 🕵️‍♀️

Revseller is a handy browser extension that can be utilized to streamline the launching of new products on Amazon. Given the easy-to-consume and actionable nature of the information it provides, it is potentially useful for both new sellers and veterans alike.

With concise product metrics like profit margin and ROI, the tool presents pivotal statistics that are needed to understand the financials behind the items you are thinking of selling. Plus, with all of this laid out at the top of the page directly in your browser, you don’t have to clutter your desktop with multiple windows.

Whether you are starting a new store or expanding a current one, the digestible figures that Revseller puts forth makes it an invaluable part of the market research process. It helps with sourcing and finding products in a way that is both time-saving and practical, helping you to ultimately make the right product investment decisions for your business.

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