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Fair and fast capital and funding, a trusted network of founders, and the guidance needed to scale your business.



Fair and fast capital and funding, a trusted network of founders, and the guidance needed to scale your business.


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Are you experiencing success with your ecom venture but running out of cash to sustain your business? Would unlocking a new stream of financing allow you to double down on the strategies that are working? Above all else, are you looking to fuel this growth fast and without wasting precious time?

Clearco is a service that issues needed capital without taking a piece of what you’ve worked so hard to build (equity). This Clearco review takes a deep dive into the details of this investing platform, and how you might best utilize it to scale your brand without limitations.

What is Clearco? 🚀

Clearco is a tool that provides funding for online businesses. It is a streamlined, efficient way to satisfy short-term liquidity needs. It is an alternative to a bank loan or venture capital in the sense that you do not give up any equity in exchange for financing and do not accrue interest on the payments that you make back.

Receiving an investment in this manner allows you to harness your momentum and continue pushing forward with your vision, alleviating concerns related to the cash flow needed to run essential aspects of your operation.

Let’s explore the nuances of how this works, shall we?

How does Clearco work? 🤔

You first apply for funding from Clearco by submitting an automated application.

After creating an account and inputting the required information, you go through a screening process to be able to proceed with next steps. This allows you to begin applying. What this entails is connecting your online storefronts and advertising profiles, so that the health of your business can be evaluated.

After plugging in the likes of your Amazon, Shopify, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads presences, as well as your business bank account, the numbers are run and an accurate picture of your activity is painted.

Within 24 hours you receive several offers that are generated by an AI algorithm. These can range from $10k to $20 million. This is as close to instant funding as exists, and as mentioned previously you maintain 100% ownership of your business. This funding allows you to spend money on the things you need to grow your shop, such as inventory, launching a new product line, and marketing. Wherever your business is lacking, this money can be used to bridge the gap.

After choosing an offer, your capital is deposited into a dedicated account within 3-5 days. An expert team and insights dashboard are available once you receive financing, which can be utilized to help guide your investment decisions. This helps ensure you are not flying blind with your newly acquired funds.

Clearco uses a revenue share model for paying back your investment. This means you repay as you make sales and generate revenue. Repayment is between 1 and 20 percent of daily sales, the amount of which you get to decide.

This allows you to repay on your terms, and in a way that makes the most financial sense.

Clearco Application Requirements 🔏

  • Have to be in business at least 6 months
  • You must generate a minimum of $10k in monthly revenue
  • Your business must be structured as an LLC or a corporation

Clearco FAQs 🙋

Does Clearco take equity in my company?

No. Equity is never taken in your company, no matter the offer.

Is Clearco a bank?

Clearco is not a bank. There are no credit checks or personal guarantees involved.

What’s the minimum loan amount for Clearco?

$10k is the base amount you can receive.

Does Clearco require collateral?

No collateral is required. Your personal assets are not at risk.

How long does it take to get funding from Clearco?

Within 3-5 days to receive actual cash, but can get offers within 24 hours.

Clearco Pros ✅

  • Quick application: Request for funds is not handled manually (aka slowly), which means you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to receive the capital you need. The platform syncs with your sales and marketing accounts to handle this automatically.
  • Painless: You don’t have to endure complicated pitches begging people to back your business. It is a stress-free process driven purely by the data. There is no headache-inducing paperwork, either.
  • Top-ups available: There are opportunities to receive additional funding, and any new advance of cash takes into account your most recent business performance.

Clearco Cons ❌

  • Daily remittances: Returning your investment as a percentage of daily sales means there is a constant drip of paying back what you owe.
  • Minimal interaction: There is a lack of human touch in the initial assessment. Unlike an in-person meeting with potential investors, you can’t play to emotions. The relationship is mainly transactional. 
  • Locked in: You can’t adjust your fee or repayment percentage after you sign your loan documents. There is limited flexibility here.

Clearco Fees and Rates 💰

Clearco places a charge on what they lend you upfront. They require a flat fee ranging from 8 to 14 percent of your advance amount.

Revenue sharing is used to get squared away and reimburse them. This repayment is between 1 and 20 percent of your daily sales.

Final Thoughts 🕵️‍♀️

Clearco can give your business a much-sought-after boost in a pinch.

It is a partnership of sorts that can be tapped to fuel growth, and is a clever route for unlocking a steady stream of capital for inventory financing.

Beyond the financial aspect, there is also a network of advisors, mentors, and founders at your disposal. It’s hard to put a price tag on the guidance this can provide, in terms of the wealth of experience and knowledge the platform makes available.

But truth be told, the cold hard cash is the most meaningful feature here. This allows you to refill the tank and keep your business chugging along smoothly. The prospect of running out of inventory essentially becomes a nightmare of the past.

Thousands of business owners have used Clearco to great effect, leveraging it to propel their ecommerce businesses. There’s no reason you can’t be one of them.

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