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CamelCamelCamel is a free Amazon price tracker app and chrome extension.



CamelCamelCamel is a free Amazon price tracker app and chrome extension.


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What is



CamelCamelCamel is a free Amazon price tracker app and chrome extension.

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With how many products are available on Amazon, it’s often a difficult task to oversee all the listing prices you are interested in. Amazon is a vast, fast-moving marketplace, and using monitoring software can be a smart way to keep track of it all.

CamelCamelCamel is one such price tracking tool. In this review, we’ll go over the essential components of this platform, and how it can be used to place your products in the most enticing position possible when it comes to pricing.

What is CamelCamelCamel? 🚀

CamelCamelCamel is an Amazon price tracker that serves as a watchful eye for any fluctuations in how an item is listed. The easy-to-use website acts as a database of sorts, where you can search millions of products and set alerts for when prices drop.

As an online seller looking to see how the competition stacks up, this centralized hub can be leveraged to scan and observe the marketplace. By knowing how listing prices have changed on other products, and how this compares to prices in the past, the tool can be used to make strategic decisions about how to set your prices favorably.

How does CamelCamelCamel work? 🤔

After creating an account and signing in, the in-depth pricing information and alert capabilities that CamelCamelCamel provides are at your full disposal.

You are immediately presented with an overview of popular, trending products that are currently selling on Amazon. Searchable by category, this allows you to gauge consumer interest and get a glimpse into what is driving demand. If you are so inclined, it also enables you to take advantage of some good deals as a buyer.

You are likewise shown a number of the top Amazon price drops from categories that you frequently track. You can filter these by the best daily and weekly drops, as well as by dollar amount and percentages. Similar to the popular products panel, this carousel highlights some of the biggest deals that are currently underway and allows you to take the temperature of the market.

Should you have more specific products in mind that you would like to investigate, there is a search bar at the top of the site that allows you to drill down on keywords and find particular items on Amazon. This is likely where the majority of your time spent using the tool will be focused.

Say you are interested in the selling activity around certain grilling goods. By typing in and entering ‘BBQ gloves’, this would search against Amazon directly for all products indexed under this set of keywords.

You would then be shown the top products that fulfill your criteria, with an overview of product details and current prices. Clicking into your desired product takes you to an information-rich page that breaks down the attributes of that ASIN, its price history, and an option to create a price watch whereby you’ll be alerted any time the price lowers by a particular amount. There is also a link to view the product directly on Amazon.

Let’s highlight how some of these key features work and how they can be used to gather crucial metrics around product pricing.

CamelCamelCamel Key Features 🧰

Amazon Price Drop Alerts

One of the largest benefits of CamelCamelCamel, and its primary purpose, is the ability to send price drop alerts. For any item of your choosing, you can track swings in the offer price.

By establishing a dollar threshold, and inputting your email address, when such conditions are met, an automatic alert is triggered that notifies you about a change in the listing price.

This allows you to monitor the pricing strategies of many different competitors at once, and make adjustments to your own listings accordingly.

Amazon Price History Charts

Aside from the alerts feature, price history charts are another major component of the service. Under each product are comprehensive graphs and tables that illustrate how a product’s listing price has moved over time.

Within the chart, you are able to adjust the date range to modify the window of time you are looking at. Furthermore, you can differentiate by whether the price is coming from Amazon itself, or was set by a third party seller. You can also decide to enable a close-up view of the chart, and remove extreme values to eliminate any outliers.

This empowers you to analyze product trends and determine how holiday and other quarterly factors may have impacted what items sold for in the past. There are also tables showing what the current, highest, lowest, and average historical price point looks like, which encapsulates the data in an easily digestible format.

Browser Extension

Putting convenience at the forefront, there is a browser add-on called The Camelizer. This lets you view price history charts without needing to leave the marketplace. Sales data can be scoped out directly on product pages, saving you time, energy, and unnecessary clicks.

This streamlines the product research process by allowing you to utilize the service while you continue exploring Amazon. You can see historical prices at a glance and set up watches that track price drops in the extension’s popup dashboard. All of this functionality is integrated into your browser with the power of The Camelizer.

CamelCamelCamel FAQs 🙋

Does the platform need access to your Amazon login information to work?

No. Your Amazon login information is not needed to use any of the tool’s functionality.

Is the tool supported outside the US?

Yes. Sellers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom also have access.

Do I have to sign up and make an account to be able to use it?

Signing up is optional. The service can still be used without an official account, however registration gives you access to the Camel Management and Wishlist Importer tools.

CamelCamelCamel Pros ✅

  • Wide browser support. The extension is able to be downloaded and used with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Customizable charts. You can get as granular as you like by modifying the data that is displayed in the charts to your liking.
  • Seller intel. The product pages tell you whether the Buy Box currently belongs to Amazon or a third party seller.
  • Broad language capabilities. English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian are all supported, making the platform accessible in many different regions.

CamelCamelCamel Cons ❌

  • Off-base numbers possible. It is recommended you crosscheck data with Amazon directly to ensure accuracy and precision. 
  • Drop alerts limitations. Price watches can only be set by dollar amount, not percentage.
  • Price changes in variations not included. If other sizes or colors aside from the main one you are monitoring experience a price change, you may not be notified.
  • Lots of ads on site. There are a noticeable amount of advertisements on the site, which clutters the user interface. However, it’s a small price to pay for a free service like this.

CamelCamelCamel Pricing 💰

The tool is completely free to sign up and create an account. Unlike paid alternatives, there is no cost involved to take advantage of the features that CamelCamelCamel offers.

Final Thoughts 🕵️‍♀️

CamelCamelCamel is a valuable price tracking tool that can be particularly advantageous to Amazon Sellers who are looking to properly calibrate their listings.

It allows you to monitor a multitude of products and assess the prices being charged by other merchants. Armed with this knowledge, you can begin to position your catalog competitively and entice buyers with reasonable prices of your own. This, in turn, could potentially lead to an increase in revenue, which can have the effect of boosting your sales ranking and placement in the algorithm.

By analyzing historical data in this manner and getting a snapshot of the past, you are setting your business up to reap the rewards in the future.

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